INZU is a research team  of laboratory IRISA, Université Bretagne Sud created in July 2023. It follows on from the CASA Team.

The research activity of the INZU team is focused on opportunistic networks. These networks are composed of mobile nodes that communicate directly with each other through short-range radio transmissions, without necessarily using a fixed infrastructure. The fields of application of opportunistic networks include situations where the traditional network infrastructure is inoperable or difficult to access (natural disasters, isolated regions…) or in cases where it is not desirable to use it (to avoid surveillance or censorship, for example), and namely in the context of the IoT.

The mobility of the nodes and the intermittence of communication inherent in opportunistic networks require adapting not only the way information propagates through the network, but also has an impact on the applications, which are necessarily peer-to-peer and very asynchronous, with potential long transmission delays. In this perspective, the INZU team conducts works on protocols for opportunistic networks, but also, in the broader context of opportunistic computing, on the paradigms underlying application development, as well as on security mechanisms and evaluation tools associated with applications.


Opportunistic Networking; Opportunistic Computing; Mobile Ad Hoc Networks; IoT; Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs); Security

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